Montana Songwriter’s Showcase - Live In Studio (Susan Gibson, Tom Catmull, Jenn Adams, John Floridis)

September 17th, 2019

"What has 30 albums, a Grammy nomination, multiple “Best Musician” awards from the Missoula Independent, a USA Songwriter Grand Prize and a Northwest Emmy Award-winning television performance? The combination of singer-songwriters Susan Gibson, Tom Catmull, Jenn Adams and John Floridis.
These four singer-songwriters began their careers in Missoula in the early and mid 1990s at the dawn of the movement toward independently produced CDs and recordings. Though they've all pursued their paths individually, they've frequently shared billing with one another, recorded together and even occasionally played in each other's bands." -

The four join Tommy live in the Trail 1033 studio for some music, coffee and fun.

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Earth Week: Bill Caras [Caras Nursery] on the Trail Lunchbox

April 19th, 2019

The Trail Lunchbox wraps up Earth Week celebrations with Bill Caras, owner of Caras Nursery. Bill discusses the flowers and trees set to bloom in Missoula the next few weeks, fills us in on the best plants to get into the ground to start a healthy garden, and even tells us a little bit of the history of the 100 + year nursery AND Caras Park! 

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Earth Week: Jeremy Drake [Home Resource] on the Trail Lunchbox

April 19th, 2019

Community Engagement Manager for Home Resource, Jeremy Drake, joined Alanya on the Trail Lunchbox to talk about all of the great things Home Resource provides for our community...including their very first Fixit Clinic happening this Saturday. From bathtubs to doornobs to light fixtures to paint...Home Resource has it all!

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Earth Week: Chase Bjornson [Logjam Presents] on the Trail Lunchbox

April 17th, 2019

Not only is Logjam Presents bringing some EPIC music to Montana, but they are leaders in the world of connecting live music to sustainability. Logjam's Green Initiative coordinator, Chase Bjornson, joins Alanya on the Lunchbox to discuss all of the ways Logjam has eliminated single use items at all of their venues, a hint at some of their future sustainability plans, and Chase's personal goals to live an off-grid live in a custom van he is building. 

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Earth Week: Layne Rolston & Emi Kodama [Good Food Store] on the Trail Lunchbox

April 16th, 2019

Layne & Emi from the Good Food Store join Alanya on the Trail Lunchbox to continue our celebration of Earth Week. It is no secret that the Good Food Store is an integral part of our sustainable community... As we approach Earth Day (4/22, officially)- we'll hear about just a few of the events they are sponsoring and how you can make your next trip to the Good Food Store a little less wasteful. 

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Earth Week: Lee Tavenner [Solar Plexus] on the Trail Lunchbox

April 15th, 2019

Alanya is celebrating Earth Week on the Trail Lunchbox! All week long, she will be joined by various community members to discuss their unique approaches to a more sustainable Missoula. We're kicking off the week with Lee Tavenner, owner of Solar Plexus LLC in Missoula. Lee discusses how to start your journey to solar energy, what happens in the sun-less winter months, and fills us in about Hydro Plants and how they work. 

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Logjam Presents [Nick Checota] : Mumford & Sons and Portugal. The Man concert announcement

March 11th, 2019

Nick Checota, owner of Logjam Presents, sits down with Alanya to talk about the biggest concert of the year...Mumford & Sons and Portugal. The Man at Ogren park on August 11th. Nick discusses the new verified ticketing process, the enhancement of the fan experience at Ogren Park, and the new Logjam Presents music venue in Bozeman. 

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Chad Lantz Live In Studio

January 25th, 2019

Alanya brings in to the studio Chad Lantz. Chad performs his songs "All of This" and "Rose Colored Glasses". Chad will also be performing live at Draught Works Sunday, January 27th, 2019 at 5:00 pm. For more information on the event, click here.

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Linda McCarthy - Downtown Missoula Partnership

January 9th, 2019

Alanya sits down today with Linda McCarthy, Executive Director of the Downtown Missoula Partnership, as they discuss the designing of the master plan for downtown Missoula. For more details on their plan, click here.

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Matt Strachan Live In Studio

January 4th, 2019

Matt Strachan of Helena joins Alanya for the lunchbox on this First Friday of 2019! Matt performs live in studio hits off his new record "Dogtown". He performs his songs "Dig" and the title of his latest album "Dogtown". He will be performing at the Top Hat Friday, January 4th, 2019, as he will be opening for Rotgut Whines. For more information about the event, click here.

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